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Multi-faceted interpretation of the Smart style Montblanc introduced the new 4810 Signet series of women’s senior jewelry

Multi-faceted interpretation of the Smart style Montblanc introduced the new 4810 Signet series of women’s senior jewelry

Multi-faceted interpretation of the Smart style | Montblanc introduced the new 4810 Signet series of women’s senior jewelryMontblanc launched the new 4810 Signet series of ladies senior jewelry, with a flexible, soft and elegant shape is memorable. Novel rotating design, variable magic Cheap Trinity de Cartier Ring out of a variety of ways to wear, enjoy the interpretation of urban women’s multi-faceted style. The series of ladies senior jewelry with exquisite necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings each one, rose gold and pearl fritters pavilions, design inspiration from the 2005 classic – Montblanc Star Signet series of sterling silver jewelry.To symbolize Montblanc century heritage of the classic hexagonal white star logo as the center, each piece of jewelry are vivid outline of the Mont Blanc peaks of the crown, between the rotation, showing a delicate double-sided design: one side decorated with warm pearl Fritillaria, the other side For the sparkling satin rose gold. The outer ring of the rose gold ring side smooth shiny, the other side of the ups and downs have caused the crown of the snow crown elegant embrace into the arms. This compact design Cartier love bracelet replica allows the wearer according to their own style or mood, rotating hexagonal white star pattern, easy to show personality charm, makeup unique unique style. replica Hermes CDC bracelet The chain length of the necklace and bracelet can be adjusted by a unique sliding closure.Montblanc MontBlanc 4810 Signet series necklaceA necklace, interpretation of four charming style. Slender rose gold chain guarding the precious classic MontBlanc hexagonal white star logo. As a long necklace to wear, the light swaying hexagonal white star, flashing the flow of changebowbow halo; beam into a “Y-shaped” necklace, the circular pendant hanging in the rose gold single chain above, touch the elegant swept the neck. Yingrun soft pearl mother of pearl face and shine rose gold gorgeous beautiful commensurate, blooming luxury eye-catching jewelry glory. Gently rotating hexagonal white star pattern, rose gold satin turned over, more dignified and elegant.Montblanc MontBlanc 4810 Signet Series RingThe new Montblanc 4810 Signet series necklace can be decorated with delicate and elegant rose gold bracelet, decorated with the same series of rotating hexagonal white star pattern; can also be used with a pair of fine earrings, Mont Blanc snow fake Van Cleef jewelry crown crown in the ear swaying light, so Man moved by. The newly launched rose gold ring command this series is more complete, a total of five sizes to choose from, Mont Blanc Snow crown is located in the center of the ring, with a rotating double-sided design, in the gorgeous charming pearl fritters cocktail ring And luxury rose gold satin stamp ring between the flexible changes for the overall shape to add a touching glory and charm.Whether it is daytime timeless elegance, or the charm of the night charming, multi-faceted style, heart interpretation. New Montblanc 4810 Signet series of women’s fine jewelry clever combination of rose gold and pearl Fritillaria, with modern style interpretation of the classic Montblanc hexagonal white star logo, to adhere to the style of modern women to create fashion companions. Love jewelry gently spin, really my style legislation.Qeelin Kylin Creative Director Dennis Chan launched a magnificent new Couture design work for the classic Wulu series to add new members.Wulu series from the traditional shape of the gourd – shaped like “the number 8” (in Chinese society, meaning “hair” for the wealth of Hengtong meaning) – inspiration, after a new interpretation of Dennis, become suitable for modern women’s style jewelry jewelry.The new works of the Couture Wulu series retain the beauty of the gourds and reminiscent of nature. Design elements include buds and foliage patterns, with soft, full curves, lines and geometric shapes. Practicing the philosophy of “art is part of everyday life”, Dennis has created a high-quality jewelery with a sense of the times, suitable for Replica Cartier Bracelet everyday wear, and for important occasions.Qeelin Kirin Couture Wulu Series 18 Carat White Gold Diamond NecklaceThe series is a wonderful work is elegant Wulu diamond necklace, the chain of each ring are covered with diamonds to set off a hollow pendant. This new interpretation of the way, unique design, eye-catching double pendant unique level, people have refreshing, to create both elegant and casual sense of luxury.Qeelin Kylin Couture Wulu Series 18 Carat White Diamond Bracelet, BraceletIn order to match these gorgeous necklace, Dennis designed a cascading bracelet. Three layers of diamond-studded bracelet with a diamond gourd link, bracelet to the activities of open and close design easy to wear.Qeelin Kylin Couture Wulu Series 18 Carat White Diamond EarringsIn addition, the series of Wulu earrings also show a stunning innovative style.Qeelin Kylin Couture Wulu Series 18 Carat White Gold NecklaceQeelin Kirin Couture Wulu 18 Carat White Gold Diamond Necklace, Qeelin Kirin Couture Wulu 18 Carat White Gold Diamond Inlaid Black Agate NecklaceThe new Couture Wulu series also includes a solid diamond pendant necklace, necklace with a number of small gourds, sparkling dazzling. At the same time to set off another decorated with a number of black agate small gourd necklace most suitable However, small gourd also with Byzantine elements, filled with another charm.These designs for the unicorn legendary classic series add a new chapter. Wulu series inspired by Dennis’s Dunhuang Grottoes, the murals in the grotto lifelike, men and women in the magnificent home dressed in exquisite style, elegant texture skirt, inspired Dennis buried beautifully designed jewelry decoration, to create a Able to represent the great Chinese traditional culture of the brand, the real luxury into modern life. The Wulu series is a classic symbol of transcending time, symbolizing positive energy and wealth, from now until eternity.

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