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The world famous jewelry works

The world famous jewelry works

Woman’s luxury like a hearty dinner, in the end, the highlight of the part and has only just begun. Jewelry and dessert are part of the life of luxury, Cheap Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace entice people to enjoy the beauty of life.On behalf of the 20th century Joan Zhu Lang the giants of the highest standard of design and rich hands-on work in 1960. Symbol of love diamonds on the amethyst birds, classic.Tropical flowers faintly. The appearance of unique design, a wide variety of stones and its unique design makes people addicted to the wonderful world of jewelry.Draw the outline of romantic became the subject of the latest CHANEL jewelry design. In the middle of the ring set with sapphire, make the person as if place oneself dreams.By the accumulation and a process. This handmade ring in any shape or color are make it become the focus of gorgeous.Yellow diamond there are seven levels, including the top is the most gorgeous color, the most perfect yellow diamonds (FVY highest level), commonly known as “thick color yellow diamonds”.Cartier choose extremely precious thick color yellow diamonds make this ring, 3.23 carat, rare magnificent yellow let a person see the unforgettable.In assaying the fineness of the diamond with the highest rating is class D, represents the most glittering and translucent get rid of colorless; IF say ten times inside a diamond with microscope also don’t see any flaws, this heart shape cutting diamond ring, it belongs to a flawless DIF level.Perfect 7.23 -carat diamond was clever cutting block type, a symbol of love with all my heart. 20 brilliant-cut diamonds surrounded Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Ring the immaculate heart, shining with the light of dazzling.Top natural ruby in the international gem market, more valuable than top colorless diamonds are more rare, and emerald, a sapphire, diamond and listed as “the four precious stones of the world”.Necklace USES a 27.04 -carat convex circular sapphire, and 7 drops of total weight 56.20 -carat emerald, another 9 string of beads shaped sapphires fine chain, like the flowing river of time, tells the Cartier’s long history.Women regardless of age, always leave a small place in your heart, hold a childhood dream, although you probably don’t remember how much he has to love to listen to fairy tales same fantasy plot, but after be brought up when choosing jewelry, but always can’t help to choose some fairy tales of codes, crown, apple, mushroom, cross… , more lovely style is more lovable, adorn article itself whether or not to use valuable material and conform to the market value, is not the most important thing when the choose and buy, it will hook up the girl ripe female people of childishness, and what is crucial.Crown totem in these years is, as it were, the big popular jewelry industry, although this year or two skulls design industry of popular monster is the love of the beautiful girls but strictly speaking, crown pattern is still the size jewelry brand favorite use of design both at home and abroad, recall that attended the wedding reception in recent years, how many women in the feast of life is almost a head with a cute little crown, for memory, just know how much the Cheap Amulette de Cartier Necklace girls aspire to be a highly anticipated the little princess! Vivienne Westwood 07 chun xia’s act the role ofing is tasted, can achieve all women princess dream, Saturn brand trademark codes, pearl drop these two elements are still in smelting, coupled with the cute little crown and ornament, unlimited sweet dreamy atmosphere immediately, plus a little expensive gas style, sweet heart how can the beautiful girl don’t darling give money?JUSTIN DAVIS was born in New York, is the designer name, with unique personal style silver jewelry brand, in addition to the United States and Europe is famous, fashionable circle in Japan at present also has superman gas charm, including ayumi hamasaki, kyo, hut ANNA, clear spring of entertainers are all its head good lovers, not only artists love to wear when public appearance, also together with JUSTIN Fake Cartier Juste un Clou Earrings DAVIS, common design jewelry, spare no effort to act the role ofing is tasted fuelling momentum. Don’t go fantasy style of JUSTIN DAVIS, due to the strong brand style, in the domestic set up after the ark can also attract particular design professionals, entertainers, and models related to professional people to wear. JUSTIN DAVIS special preference to sterling silver and 18 k gold, gold, diamond and other materials to create jewelry, brand of the crown and skulls totem is the most common design elements, also like a shield design, pistol, cross modelling, also for brand add many gorgeous, mysterious special temperament.

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